Setup Inbound Campaign for Vicidial

Setting up inbound campaign can be difficult task. Route incoming calls to the right agent is very important for any inbound contact center. Following step will explain you who to setup a inbound process in Vicidial 

  1. Create In-group
  2. Create DID, set DID route to IN_GROUP and select the in-group.
  3. Create Campaign, Allow Inbound and Blended set to be “Y”, and select the In-Group

Add In-Group

Login to Vicidial Administrator Page.

Go to Inbound >> Add A In-Group

Enter Group ID, Group Name, Group Color and Submit.

Add A New Inbound Group

After submitting you don’t need to change any other settings. Default settings will work fine.

Note: you can choose any color you want in Group Color. Group Color is to show agent from which in-group calls are coming.


Add New DID

On Vicidial Administrator Page. Go to Inbound >> Add A New DID.

Enter DID Extension and DID description and submit.

Add New DID

Next more settings will be presenting to you. You only need to change DID route to IN_GROUP. Select In-Group we have just crated in drop down menu of In-Group ID and Submit. 

Select In Group to DID

Add A New Campaign

Open Vicidial Administrator Page. Go to Campaigns >> Add A New Campaigns.

You need to Enter Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Campaign Description, set Allow Closers to “Y” and Submit.

Allow Closers: This is where you can set whether the users of this campaign will have the option to send the call to a closer.

Add New Campaign

On Next Page. Set Allow Inbound and Blended to “Y”, Dial Method to RATIO or INBOUND_MAN and Submit.

Ratio: It will enable auto dialing and inbound both.

INBOUND_MAN: It will enable inbound with manual dialing 

Allow Inbound And Blended
Set Dial Method

Scroll down to the bottom of the form. Select in-group Allowed Inbound Groups section.

Allowed Inbound Groups


Here we have shown you to configure Inbound on vicidial.

We are providing support on Vicidial. Contact us for more information. 

If you face any issue or have feedback, leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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