Cisco Call Manager Call Center Setup with VICIDIAL

Cisco CallManager is Cisco property VOIP based IP PBX. In addition to setup call center, you need Cisco Contact Center solution. As a result, your overall cost will increase. If your business is large, you have 100+ agent, cost can be justified. But what about the small business, where call center agent count is low? Therefore, VICIDIAL is great solution.


VICIdial is the most popular Open-Source Contact Center Solution in the world. You can setup inbound contact center, outbound productive dialer, IVR etc. Click here to read more about VICIdial.


Here we are using Cisco Call Manager single server setup as publisher. And VICIdial version 2.14 

Cisco Call Manager IP address

VICIdial Server IP address


Add SIP Trunk Security Profile on Cisco Call Manager

Login to CUCM Administration

Go to System >> Security >> SIP Trunk Security Profile

SIP Trunk Security Profile

Click on copy icon

on Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile.

Non Secure SIP Profile

Change settings as follows.

Name: Asterisk Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile.

Description: Asterisk Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile.

Incoming Transport Type: TCP+UPD.

Outgoing Transport Type: UDP.

Click on Save. 

SIP Trunk Security Profile Information

Add SIP Trunk. Go to Device >> Trunk.

SIP Trunk Device Trunk

Click to Add New

SIP Trunk Add New

Change following settings.

Trunk Type: SIP Trunk

Device Protocol: SIP

Trunk Service Type: None (Default)

Then click on Next 

SIP Trunk Trunk Information

Next add following settings as per your infrastructure.

Device Name: “IP address of the host name of VICIdial Server “.

Device Pool: “you can select device pool as per your setup”.

Calling Search Space under Inbound Calls is very important section. This Calling Search Space should have your all extension and gateway partitions selected. In other word this allow VICIdial to route calls on right agent extension. 

Under SIP Information add following 

Destination Address:

Destination Port: 5060.

SIP Trunk Security Profile: Asterisk Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile.

SIP Profile: Standard SIP Profile. 


Vicidial Configuration

Login to Vicidial Administrator 

Select Admin >> Carriers >> Add a New Carrier

Add following settings

Carrier ID:


Carrier Name:

SIP Trunk To CUCM.

Carrier Description:

SIP Trunk To CUCM.

Registration String:

“Keep it Blank.”

Template ID:


Account Entry:

context = default
host =
type = friend
qualify = yes
dtmfmode = rfc2833
disallow = all
allow = all
nat = no
insecure = very



Globals String:


Dialplan Entery:

exten => _61.,1,AGI(agi://

exten => _61.,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:2}@CUCMSIP,,tToR)

exten => _61.,3,Hangup


Server IP: “vicidial server IP”  

Note: “Dialplan Entery  will be your outbound plan and 61 is your dial prefix”

Vicidial Carrier Settings

Vicidial Extension Configuration

When agent login to vicidial. All call should be ringing to Cisco IP Phone via CUCM. To achieve this, we should configure vicidial phones extensions same as CUCM. We are using 2xxx extension on CUCM and vicidial both.

Go to Admin >> Phones on Vicidial Administrator Page.

Modify phone extension and scroll down to the bottom of the phone settings at “Conf Override”.

Vicidial Phones conf override

Set the configuration as following. 

callerid=”2001″ <0000000000>
host= “CUCM IP”

Then Submit.

In-bound Campaign on Vicidial

Click following link to know how to create inbound campaign in vicidial

Setup Inbound Campaign for Vicidial


Finally, Cisco Call Manager integration with VICIDial has been completed. Now you can login to vicidial agent interface, you will get welcome call on CUCM IP Phone.

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